123.hp.com/setup - HP Printer Setup

123.hp.com/setup - HP Printer Setup

Hewlett-Packard sells products, software solutions, and services to businesses and individuals, including customers in the government, health care, and education. It explains you through the process step by step and direct links to significant HP and Windows applications. In addition, HP Setup assists you in configuring and exploring some of the functionality on your computer. HP printers are an all-in-one solution for both the office and the home. If you use HP printers, you must know the advantages of having such a smart printer. New customers who have bought an unknown modern HP printer will require setup assistance. The HP printer is straightforward to set up. To learn more about the HP printer setup, you can visit 123.hp.com/setup. From this site, you can download the HP printer driver and software by performing few steps. With HP printers, you can do all of your tasks quickly and easily. HP printers are an evident source for achieving your work goals in the highest possible quality. Set up the printer, connect it to the Internet, follow the 123.hp.com/setup instructions, and then download the appropriate printer driver.

How To Setup Your HP Printer Using 123.hp.com/setup?

Preliminary Setup

  • In the first place, for the initial 123.hp.com/setup, remove the covering and other wrappings around the printer and its accessories
  • Next, to turn on the printer, use the power cord from the original package and connect the small end to the printer port and adapter to the wall port
  • After a firm connection, press the power button, which is nearby the control panel
  • Access the control panel options and at first, adjust the language, location and date settings in the printer

Secondary Setup

Following are requirements to take your print output for the document,

  • A computer
  • Printer driver CD/driver file from HP site
  • Wi-Fi internet source
  • Wi-Fi credentials to sign in
  • Connect the printer and computer to the same internet network

How to Connect HP Printer to the Internet

  • For both the wired & wireless connection options, you should first access the control panel->Network->wired/wireless
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the printer port and another end to the router, in case of opting for the wired connection mode
  • If you are selecting the wireless connection, the control panel will scan for the available internet source and list out the networks on screen
  • Locate your network name in the list, select and tap the connect option to connect
  • In the absence of network name in the control panel, enter your network name manually and give other input credentials to turn on the wireless connection mode

HP Printer Driver Download and Install

  • To get the driver software individually for your printer model, move on to 123.hp.com/setup website
  • After entering the webpage, type your printer name & number in the search option and click the search button
  • Your printer driver for the model name will be loaded and click the download button to get the files on your computer
  • At first, you will get the HP easy start guide software for the initial setup. So open the easy start and select the printer name
  • For easy connection, connect your printer and computer using the USB cable and then select your printer name easily
  • After proceeding with the on-screen instructions in the driver software, your printer will be connected to the computer and you can opt for multiple options from the computer

Paper Input and Ink Cartridge Settings

By proceeding with the control panel options, you will get prompts regarding the installation of ink cartridges and paper loading,

  • Take out the original ink cartridge packages from the HP box and remove all the wrappings around the cartridges
  • Open the cartridge access door, and place the appropriate cartridges by matching the colors
  • Place the cartridge inside the slot at the right position and press the cartridge until it gets a firm position
  • For other cartridges also follow the similar steps, insert all the cartridges and close the door on the printer
  • To load the paper input, first, remove the paper input tray at the bottom end of the printer
  • After opening the tray, slide the paper width guide in the tray and insert the paper load
  • Firmly place the paper stack without any folds and finally close the tray
  • If the previous 123.hp.com/setup steps are done without any error, the printer will start the automatic alignment and give you the first print sample output

Extensive Features on HP

As mentioned earlier, by keeping a focus on effective user experience, HP is always encompassing various new features and assimilating technologies to the printing techniques.

Following are some of the amusing 123.hp.com/setup features that you can commonly find on all the HP printer models

Wireless Connection Mode

  • This feature is a most likable one by many users, as it helps to evade from the rummaging wired connections. The requirement is so simple, with a single router you can easily establish the wireless mode for your printer
  • The requisite to enable this feature is to connect the computer and printer under the same internet network. To enable the wireless connection on your printer access the 123.hp.com/setup option in your printer control panel
  • Go to the network option and opt for wireless connection mode on. Click the right options and wait for minutes to establish the wireless connection between your computer and the printer

Mobile printing

  • Mobile users are in an accruing number and so, enabling the printing option from the mobile turns out into a necessary thing in the present trends
  • HP print service plug-in app helps you to easily send any media files from your mobile to the printer and thereby you can take instant print outputs
  • Go to the app store, install the app and to export the file, you just need to press the share icon and select the printer symbol to print


  • AirPrint is nothing but the same mobile printing option but an inbuilt feature for all the apple mobiles
  • To enable this feature, just connect your apple mobile and printer to the same internet network and start sharing the mobile media files using the AirPrint option

Instant ink

  • In the nowadays fickle and precious time, this feature is most wanted one for all the printer users
  • The name itself defines, that you can instantly get your ink cartridges whenever your printer is running out of enough ink
  • By enabling this feature, the printer can automatically order for the ink cartridges, when the existing cartridges are draining out
  • Thereby, you don’t need to have frequent checks for the ink levels amid your printing works

Easy Touch Screen Panel

  • HP already evaded from the traditional button navigation system to select printing options
  • Same as your smartphone clicks, navigate easily using the touch screen control panel on your printer to control all the actions

HP printer driver

  • Install the driver either using the installation CD from the package or from the official 123.hp.com/setup support
  • This driver software is for connecting the printer and computer individually and available for all the HP printer models
  • This driver enables to take control of particular options for the printer from the computer itself
  • Can ease complex tasks by accessing multiple options from the computer

Choices Under the 123.hp.com Printers

Coping with the needs and choices of the customers and to offer uncomplicated ways to get the prints, HP is delivering different models with varied features and prices.

Analyze your work and budget and pick the best choice from the following printer models

Broadly, HP printers are categorized into the following variants. By diving into each variant, you can find different printer models with balanced features.

  • 123 HP Envy
  • LaserJet
  • Officejet
  • Deskjet

HP has presented latest new model printers that make printing extra tech savvy.

HP Tango

The HP Tango printer can connect to all of your smartphones or tablets, allowing you to control your smartphone printer with a swipe and a tap. Stay connected with a smart printer that can connect to all of your devices. This Smart Home Printer, designed to fit into your active lifestyle, produces true-to-life, borderless color photographs, and high-quality documents. Use the HP Smart app to control your smartphone printer, scan documents using the camera on your phone, and check ink and paper levels.

HP Tango X

With an effortless Wi-Fi setup from your smartphone, you can get connected and start printing right away. Print from a wide range of smartphones, tablets, and laptops with ease. Get voice-activated printing that saves you time and allows you to print without using your hands. Obtain high-quality scanning and sharing from practically anywhere via email or the cloud. You can make a copy of a photograph and send it to your printer from anywhere. When you print, scan, or copy from your smartphone, you’ll receive notifications.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

With 5 x 7.6 cm (2 x 3-inch) stickable photos from nearly anywhere, the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer delivers instant photographs anywhere. The rechargeable battery can print up to 30 sheets on a single charge and takes only 60 to 80 minutes to recharge. Customize your photos before printing them with the free HP Sprocket App. Frames, emojis, text, stickers, filters, and more all be used to add personality to your photos. In addition, sprocket utilizes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to put it up at parties and gatherings and have everyone print their favorite memories.

HP Printer Models

Are you in search of best printer models to buy? HP models can offer better quality and print results. Check the reviews to decide the best model among Envy, DeskJet, LaserJet and Officejet. Read the setup manual, understand the guidelines, and complete the setup to start printing

Envy Models

DeskJet Models







Powerful and Stylish.

HP Envy Printer


  • This printer is the most commonly available model, which has a number of users, because of the potential to face all the office and home print works
  • By taking into account the features like affordable price, size & quality, Envy is one of the finest models in the current market. If your choice of work mode is to take print outputs at nominal volume rather than the high number, then Envy is the best choice
  • Govern all your works easily with vibrant color printing options and wireless connection mode from your computer. HP Envy printer models are many and there are models that arrive with unique features and specifications. Get the best one to get quality print outs

Easy to use and Reliable.

HP Laserjet Printer

Interface Connections


Economical Printing

Paper Handling



  • LaserJet is totally using a different printing process to print the ink on the paper. This printer is a perfect fit for the users, who are opting to indulge in high volume print works, but at an occasional period of time
  • The printing methodology is using the photosensitive drum to draw the ink so that this printer has no technical difficulties to print even after a long pause in work
  • Considering the quality, efficiency and design also, LaserJet is careening many top printer models. Can easily adapt to different paper qualities, types, formats with easy setup and high printing speed on 123.hp.com/setup

Efficient, Convenient and Reliable.

HP DeskJet Printer


Print Cartridges




  • Apart from all the other printer usages, this model is exclusively made for the home usage and small workgroup print works
  • Have a decent printing speed and features, you can get all your jobs done at affordable printing cost. As it is made for home use, DeskJet models are coming with compact sizes
  • Also, the user can access the wireless, mobile and email printing options
  • As the printer is designed for small works, you can take occasional printing works at the decent quality for low volume printing

Quality and Speed.

HP Officejet Printer


Paper Size

Video Display

Ink Cartridges



  • Officejet is a perfect suit for all the high-volume office documentation works
  • Officejet model is classified into basic and pro models, which is a well-known choice for all the professional printing works
  • Filled up with all the features such as copying, scanning, fax and other amusing features to ease the documentation works and time
  • Perfectly OfficeJet models are befitting one to face a large number of printing works at a minimal time

How to Get Rid of HP Printer Problems

Are you worried about HP printer problems that often pop up as you print, scan or copy your documents? Start executing the instructions available on the HP printer troubleshooting guide to seamlessly perform your printer functions.Some most common error messages that may popup on your device include printing errors, scan errors, mobile printing issues, internet connectivity issues and a few others.

  • Unless you resolve the errors that you face, it’s hard to proceed with your printing tasks. For those HP printer users who do not know how to get rid of these issues can make use of the tips & tricks given below
  • Print your documents and get all your printouts in excellent quality and speed with the help of the HP printer troubleshooting guidegiven below

NOTE: These steps are applicable for most HP printer models belonging to different series


HP Printer Troubleshooting Guide

  • Printing error – Clear jammed or stuck papers inside your printer & check if you can print your documents
  • Mobile printing issues – If printing from a mobile device is your choice, cross-check& verify the settings.
  • You can try uninstalling the app and installing it once again
  • Internet connectivity issues – Cross check and verify the network speed. All the network settings that include network name and passwords will appear on your screen
  • Clean your print head and cartridge surface. This ensures that there are no dust or smears that accumulate over the surface

Software or Driver Issues

If it’s a software error, first & foremost step is to verify the software version

  • Update your device with the latest software version
  • It’s good that there are software update tools to update drivers automatically
  • Perform manual reset and all you need to do is to take out the cables connected & connect it back after a while
  • Crosscheck and verify the printer setup steps to ensure that it is accurate
  • Check the Ink level and if it’s low, try filling the Ink to the required level using top ink brands available

You have executed the above steps and if these HP printer problems remain, try taking it to an HP authorized service center for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Setup My HP Printer?

Let us help you to complete HP printer setup

Refer the device setup manual to know the setup instructions in detail

Step 1

First time printer setup- For brand new models, it’s the first time printer setup that is required. Include connecting the cables, inserting the cartridge

Note – identify the device operating system version before you proceed

Step 2

  • Connect the cables – Fix the power cable to power up the device
  • You can also fix the USB cable and it’s time to identify the USB port

Step 3

Activate the Network

  • Wireless is often recommended for HP. Check if the compatible settings are available to use with your model
  • Select the appropriate settings, provide the network username and  password to proceed
  • Check if auto wireless connect feature is available, if so  enable  to activate the connection automatically

Step 4

Software update- Once if the network connection is active, the very next step is the software update

  • Suggest you to visit the appropriate software and driver download page
  • Enter the device name and version as you receive a prompt
  • Select the version and tap on  the option download

Opt for the setup wizard settings to proceed further with HP printer Setup guide

How Do I Connect My HP Printer to Wi-Fi?

Want to know the Guidelines to Connect HP Printer to Internet

It’s easy to connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi and you have multiple methods such as HP auto wireless connect, WPS or Wi-Fi protected setup, HP wireless setup wizard

Wireless Setup Wizard

Step 1- Switch on your device and collect wireless network username and password

Step 2- Navigate to the device control panel to find the network menu and network settings

Step 3- As you click on wireless setup wizard, the available wireless network will be visible

Step 4- Make your selection and provide the wireless network credentials as you receive a prompt

Step 5- Suppose if you are unable to view the network name, type the credentials manually. Now proceed with the remaining settings that appear

HP auto wireless connection- If HP auto wireless connect feature is available, enable it to connect the device automatically to network

Note – If your device doesn’t have a touch screen display, use the USB setup for wireless. After fixing the USB cable between your printer and computer, choose the appropriate settings to proceed

How Do I Setup My HP Printer Scanner?

Want to know the HP Printer Scan Setup

The scan feature is available to use with any printer model and you need to choose the appropriate scan settings. You can either use the scanner glass or the document feeder

For those users who do not know how to setup HP printer scanner, the steps are here

Switch on your device

  • Connect the necessary cables and you can switch your device ON
  • The very next step is to establish a network connection

 Install HP Scan Software

  • It’s the HP scan software and driver download page where you can find the matching version
  • Enter the device software version and as  you wait, the search results will appear
  • Open the scanning software and you can find the settings to proceed

Set the Scan Preferences

  • Select the document that  you would like to scan
  • The very next step is to set the scan preferences  such as the File format to save, resolution, orientation, page size and the color mode

Place the Document

Place the document on the scanner glass. The documents must be placed in such a way that the scan side face towards the downward direction

  • Now open HP scan software
  • As you click on the option, scan, the process will start

Note- You can select the appropriate settings to add pages, change the brightness, set the contrast and much more

Get help from our support team to complete HP scan settings

How Do I Connect My HP Printer to Mac?

Setup HP Printer on Mac

If you are a Mac user and new to the world of HP printers, refer the guidelines below to setup or connect HP printer on Mac

  • Switch on your Mac device and  Printer
  • Connect these devices to the same network connection

Choose the System Preference Settings

  • It’s the system preference settings on your Mac device that help to connect the Printer
  • Go to the system preference menu
  • This tap will open as soon as  you click on the Apple menu

Add your Printer

  • Begin your search to find the Printer and Scanner Icon
  • The list of printer models will appear on the screen
  • Use the plus symbol to add your Printer
  • Wait  until the setup process complete

Update the software to proceed further

  • The software update is important and as you visit the appropriate webpage
  • As you begin your search to find the Mac  software, HP easy start will begin
  • Carry on with the settings and do not forget to check the software compatibility

How Do I Install and Setup HP Printer in Windows 10?

HP printers are compatible to use with Windows and Mac versions. If Windows 10 is your version, let us help you with the software update and driver download

Instructions Hardware requisites – Connect the hardware requisites and if the device is brand new, these requirements will be provided with the package

Network– It’s time to connect the device to network and you can choose wireless connection methods that include the wireless setup wizard

Software– To install and update the Printer software, use the inbuilt software and driver update settings for Windows 10

To use the built-in Windows update settings

  • From your Windows 10 device, move to the device control panel;
  • Use the option, devices, and Printer  to add the device
  • As soon as you add the device, select the windows  update settings to proceed
  • Alternate method- You can visit the software and driver download page and use the CD provided with the device package

Go back and proceed with the remaining setup steps for Windows 10

To avoid the setup issues, choose the appropriate setup and software download methods

How Do I Install My HP Printer Without CD?

To install HP printer without CD, refer the device setup manual and learn the guidelines to execute Connect the essential hardware

  • You can switch the device ON as the first and foremost step
  • Connect the necessary cables and it’s the power and the USB cable you can connect

Activate the network connection

  • Select the appropriate settings to activate the internet connection
  • It can be either wired or wireless
  • As  you  visit the appropriate wireless network settings, a prompt will appear on your screen
  • Type the network settings to proceed further

Add your device

  • From your windows device, select the option, Printers  and Devices
  • A list will appear on the screen where  you can choose the Printer name

Update the device software

  • You can visit the appropriate software and driver download page and enter the device name and version
  • Cross check to ensure that the version is  compatible

Let us troubleshoot the device setup errors at the earliest

If you would like to know how to install HP printer without CD, refer the recent articles and blogs posted on our webpage

If you want to know more and get further updates on HP printer troubleshooting guide, we suggest you get help from our tech experts right away by ringing the customer support number +1-844-876-5110


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