123.hp.com DeskJet 2652 First Time Printer Setup

Without assimilation of state of the art features to the electronic gadgets, the possible developments in the technologies might turn out into an impossible one.

Printers are always a professionally very important aspect and various brands are developing with various enchanting features. In that brand lineup, you may all know that HP is one of the renowned printers which are offering great features to carry out all the printing works in a very easy way.


HP DeskJet 2652 Printer

Refer the information in this blog to know complete steps on 123.hp.com/dj2652 setup process.

HP DeskJet 2652 Printer

Hp DeskJet 2652 is absolutely one of the best models to for all your quality printing works. As you all know, DeskJet model is a consummate suit for the home usage and day to day printing works.

So, if you are scouting out for low volume printing works yet at high quality, DeskJet 2652 could be your best choice.


  • All the basic functions, you can get through this printer are scanning, printing, copying, wireless printing etc.
  • Mobile printing feature is a much-needed aspect nowadays, with increasing mobile users, a lot of complex tasks can be simplified via mobile printing option.
  • For both Android and iPhone platforms, mobile printing option is compatible one on DJ2652.
  • Additionally, on HP you can get the instant ink feature, where you don’t need to run out of ink amid your important tasks. By detecting the ink cartridges levels in the printers, the printer can automatically order the ink.
  • The printer is designed in a compact size, where it can perfectly fit for your home usages.

HP DeskJet 2652 Setup – 123.hp.com/dj2652

Connecting Printer to Wireless Network

HP DeskJet 2652 Printer Setup

Connecting Printer to Wireless Network

Push Button Configuration Method

  • In the first place, locate the wireless button in the printer
  • Press and hold that button for a few seconds and it will start blinking
  • In your router, press the WPS button to establish a network connection between your printer and router
  • Once connected, the wireless indication will stop blinking

By PIN Method

  • In this method, you will get a unique PIN to connect with the internet network
  • For this step, locate the information button and wireless button in the printer, press and hold both buttons for a while
  • Your network configuration page will start printing and in that page, locate and get the WPS PIN
  • In the printer software or configuration utility, enter the WPS PIN for the connection

You Don’t Need a Router to Take Print

Yes, by turning on the Wi-Fi Direct option, you can print wireless without a router from the smartphone, computer tablet etc. Follow the below steps to turn on the Wi-Fi Direct option,

  • If you are accessing the Wi-Fi direct option from your computer, then you must install the printer driver software at first
  • Similarly, for the mobiles, you must install the corresponding mobile app to enable the mobile printing option
  • To begin with turn on the Wi-Fi direct option in your printer by pressing the wireless and resume button simultaneously for a few seconds
  • After that in your mobile or computer, search for the printer name, select the printer and start printing after the connection
  • Press the information button in your printer and know the name and password details for your printer Wi-Fi direct option

HP Smart App

By installing the smart app on compatible mobile, you can do the following steps to connect your printer to the wireless network. To begin with, first enable Bluetooth option on your mobile.

  • Download the HP smart app from the app store, install and open the app
  • In the app home menu, tap the setup new printer option and proceed with the on-screen guidelines to connect your printer and mobile

Connecting HP DeskJet 2652 Printer Using the USB Cable

  • The first requirement to carry out this step is the printer driver software.
  • Select the driver for DeskJet 2652 model from 123.hp.com/setup site or install using the CD.
  • Enter the driver software in the PC , you will instantly get the on-screen instructions for the subsequent steps.
  • In the connection options step, select the USB cable option and connect your printer via USB cable.

The above steps are the primary things involved in the 123.hp.com/dj2652 setup process.

In addition to the instructions, for complete elucidation about 123.hp.com/dj2652 setup process, Just call our team by the toll-free number +1-844-876-5110

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