HP Printers are the best, affordable, and reliable printers in the world. However, sometimes a few errors arise in your HP Printer and one common error is the ‘Paper jam’ error. You can effortlessly solve this error by following the below-mentioned steps carefully. By reading this blog you can explore the best guidance related to the Paper Jam in HP Printer

Causes of Paper Jam in HP Printer

Before going into troubleshooting the problem, let’s take a quick look at the causes of this paper jam error

Paper Not Loaded Correctly

This is the common cause of this paper jam error in almost all cases. Sometimes many things can go amiss while loading the paper. Your paper sheets would sometimes stick together, resulting in it being pulled in together. Overloading your paper tray beyond its capacity will also cause the paper jam. Other times it might be caused due to the paper being damaged, torn, or crushed at edges

Damage of Roller

Damage to the rollers is also another problem that causes the paper jam error on your HP Printer. Usually, the rollers in your HP Printer are made to last a long time but however, sometimes due to excessive use or any misuse of the HP Printer might cause damage to the rollers

Poor Quality Paper

This is another issue that causes the paper jam error on your HP Printer. The low-quality paper generates a lot of ‘paper dust’ that gets accumulated and stuck sometimes causing the paper jam error.

Poor Quality Cartridges

When using your HP Printer, always ensure that you use only HP ink cartridges from your HP Printer. Do not buy ink cartridges from other websites or shops except the HP website. Low quality of ink cartridges sometimes leave behind stray ink or toner causing a paper jam and affecting output quality

Clean the paper feed rollers

Turn off the HP printer and unplug the power cables from the printer. Rise the input tray and check that there is any dust that has been filled. If yes, then clean the input tray and allow it to dry for some time. Then after some time, turn on the printer and check that the issue persists.

Carriage must move freely

Open the ink carriage access door, and wait until the carriage becomes idle. Ensure that the carriage moves freely after installing the ink cartridge. Always check that the carriage moves freely to avoid the paper jam.

Reset the printer

If your printer is turned on, then unplug all the cables and allow the printer to rest for some time. After some time, again process all the steps on the printer.

Resolving the Paper Jam in HP Printer

Follow the steps mentioned below carefully to tackle the paper jam in the HP printer with simple steps,

How to Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer

How to Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer

Clearing the Paper Jam Externally

Input and output trays

  • Pull out the input tray of your HP Printer and look for any paper stuck inside
  • Take out the stack of paper if present and check if the paper is damaged or crumbled
  • Remove any paper stuck from the input tray of your HP Printer
  • Open the output tray of your HP Printer and do the same steps


  • If your HP Printer has an Automatic Document Feeder, open the cover and look for any paper stuck there
  • If there is any paper bits or dust, carefully get rid of it from the ADF

Now try printing using your HP Printer, If the paper jam error persists continue with the steps

Clearing the Paper Jam Internally

Before starting these steps, turn off your HP Printer and remove the power cord from the printer and wall socket

Toner or ink cartridge access area

  • First, open the ink cartridge access door on your HP Printer, and move the cartridge if necessary
  • After that, check if there is some paper stuck and clean it and remove it carefully
  • On some LaserJet Printers, you must take out the imaging drum and/or ink cartridge to access the paper jam

Below the paper path cover

  • If your HP Printer has a paper path cover, you have to remove the cover and clean out any paper jams that are present

Bottom cleanout door

  • In case your HP Printer has a bottom cleanout door, cautiously lift the HP Printer and look under it
  • Following this, clean and remove any paper jam if it is present in the bottom cleanout door

Rear access door

  • Open the rear access door of your HP Printer and clear any paper jam present there
  • After performing all the above-mentioned steps, replace the parts that were taken out and close the doors that were opened
  • Subsequently, reattach the power cord to the HP Printer and plug it in an electrical socket and turn on your HP Printer

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