HP Printer Setup Configuration and Installation Process

The HP printers are one of the best printing devices of their kind that lets you print and scan documents with utmost precision rate and at an economical price bracket. Here’s the quick startup guide to begin 123 hp com setup set up and install your all-new HP printer for your relishing requisites in terms of printing and document capture.

How to Execute 123.hp.com/setup?

  1. To set up your HP printer using the link 123.hp.com setup on any device, say computer, mobile, or else with your tablet, all you need to do is to download the relevant drivers for your HP printer which can be easily accomplished by selecting the appropriate printer model before you start downloading the driver software.
  2. Moreover, kindly ensure whether your HP printer is turned ON during 123.hp.com/setup
  3. Setup process as well as ensure it is connected with the same internet connection where your system is also paired with.
  4. It is possible to enable the internet connection on your HP printer just by pushing the Wi-Fi button on your device to get discovered on the available networks.
  5. After which check your firewall settings before you start the setup to ensure that the firewall application doesn’t block the installation of the printer driver onto your system.

HP Printer Setup Procedure with the Hyperlink 123.hp.com/setup?

Here’s the quick view in getting yourself updated on 123.hp.com/setup steps and procedures for setting up your all-new HP printers with the system that’s registered with the HP printer device.

  1. Turn ON your wireless printer and make use of the touch screen display to set up the wireless printer through a wireless medium.
  2. Just press the setup button and from the menu, you should select the network options.
  3. Now select the wireless network setup wizard from the network menu. Your device will look for the available network connection from the connecting range and select your network from the list.
  4. After which you should key in the WEP/WPA passphrase for the network connection and click on OK to confirm the settings as well as to print the wireless test report.
  5. With this step, your HP printer is now set up with the wireless network where you can very well download and install the printer drivers from the 123.hp.com setup page to complete the process once and for all.

How to Install HP Printer using 123.hp.com/setup for Windows OS?

If you wish to install the HP wireless printer onto your desktop, kindly get along with the following 123.hp.com/setup steps and procedures for your better understanding and attention to detail.

  1. Power On your HP printer to initiate 123 hp com setup
  2. Connect the HP printer with the Wi-Fi router and visit the website,123.hp.com to download the HP printer model that you are using for the time.
  3. Once the download gets completed, lookup for the appropriate folder where the driver software is being downloaded.
  4. The last and final step is to double-click on the driver and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the printer drivers on your system.

How to Install HP Printer using 123.hp.com/setup for Mac OS?

You should follow the steps mentioned below to connect your HP printer with your system that runs on MAC operating system

  1. First and foremost kindly ensure that the printer is turned ON. Now connect your HP printer with the wireless router device and then download the printer’s driver from the HP website 123.hp.com/setup for MAC OS.
  2. Once the download gets completed, please double-click on it to initiate the installation process. Furthermore, continue to the next step by adding on the printer device with your Mac operating system.
  3. Click on the System and Preference option from the Apple menu followed by clicking the printer and scanner option. Going forward, click the + sign found on the left-hand side corner of the setup activation page.
  4. You will see a window prompting for the printer model and you should select your specified model by clicking on the ADD button to complete the setup and installation process in configuring your printer device with the Mac operating system.

How to Connect the HP Printer using 123.hp.com/setup with your Smartphone Device?

Connecting your smartphone with your HP printer is made simple once upon following the structured guidelines detailed below just for your better understanding and a fair insight on the installation process.

  1. First and foremost, kindly ensure whether the printer is in good working condition. Next to it, make sure whether your HP printer and the mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. You need to download the HP ePrint application from 123.hp.com/setup webpage on your mobile device. Now it’s time to choose the data usage preference on your mobile gadget followed by clicking the done button to get navigated to the subsequent page.
  3. The Home Display on your mobile device will prompt a window to choose the Grant Permission option to get going with the setup process and also to add your email account.
  4. Hereafter proceed with the on-screen instructions to access the file that you are about to print. Going forward, open the HP ePrint application to print any document or file.
  5. Select File and move up to the file folder and choose the printing document from your mobile device. This ends the setup process of your all-new printer device with that of your mobile gadget through the 123.hp.com/setup method.

How to Connect HP Printer using 123.hp.com/setup with your Wi-Fi Connection?

By following the below-mentioned 123.hp.com/setup procedures, you can connect your HP printer with a wireless network of your choice.

  1. You can very well connect your HP device with the HP Auto Wireless Connect at ease without any difficulties.
  2. During the configuration process, select the Network (either ethernet or the wireless connection) as and when prompted.
  3. Now click YES and send my wireless settings to the printer device which is duly recommended.
  4. With the latest model compatible printers, we can connect the wireless network to that of the printer device more instantly with no time.

Hope this article fetched you all the requisite information details in setting up your HP printers from scratch and installing the drivers for Windows, Mac, and your mobile device either via the wired or wireless network connection.