The multi-functional, all-in-one machine can print, copy, scan and fax. Printing 20 ppm in black and 11 ppm in color, the device is completely wireless even allowing you to print from your smartphone. Overall, the printer is quite solid, rendering optimum resolutions with every output. Load the kind of paper that you wish to print on, according to the available settings, which can be adjusted. The printer is highly intuitive containing an ADF with auto-duplexing abilities. With competitive printing speeds, the 6968 is a highly effective printer that when used with HP’s Instant Ink service, provides economized outputs. Fax Setup Fax Setup

The provides users with several connectivity options such as:

  • Wired Ethernet
  • Wireless
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • USB
  • NFC Fax Setup

The 6968 printers with wireless option, is also equipped with Fax Connectivity. Setup the connection to start sending faxes to another fax machine after ascertaining compatibilities. You must also possess a traditional telephone landline service to ensure reliable faxing. Faxing is considered as a more secure option against emails or even postal mails.


  • You must prepare your printer for faxing before you initiate a fax
  • Setup for other services such as internet phone, cellular, DSL or PBX is different
  • If you have a fixed landline, then do the following
  • Use the telephone cord that came with the printer and connect it to the phone jack on the wall
  • There should also be a 1-Line jack available behind the printer
  • A 2-EXT jack behind the printer (if present) can be used to connect the answering machine
  • This way all voice calls can be recorded devoid of fax noises that are usually heard


The fax preferences for the printer can be set with the help of a Fax Setup Wizard in the Windows OS. MAC computers use the Basic Fax Settings from where you can reach out to Setup or Fax on the control panel of the printer.


  • A fax header identifies your business and is also indicative of the telephone number from where the fax has been received
  • Type the text that you wish your recipients to visualize – typically your business name, your name, and the fax number

Answering Modes

  • Set the Auto Answer or Answer Mode
  • Do the above, if you wish that the printer accepts incoming faxes automatically after a particular number of rings
  • Manual acceptance of faxes initiated if you do not activate this mode


  • You can set the Rings to Answer on your printer to a specific number after which the device answers calls automatically
  • Adjust voice calls and answering machine as well, so that the printer picks up calls after a specified number of rings

Ring and Dial Types

  • Specify unique ring patterns using the Distinctive Ring command or choose All Rings if you have a dedicated fax line
  • Additionally, match the analog phone service according to the tone or pulse
  • It is extremely important to match the tones – most areas do use standard tone dials although rotary phones utilize pulse dialing
  • Contact your service provider to know your dial type


  • Set dial tones and busy signal volumes when you choose a particular level of volume
  • If you want silent faxing, then set the volume to Off


  • Confirm the success of your for fax by running a test
  • Go to the Fax Setup menu ->Run Fax Test / Fax Test Report
  • Test results are printed along with issue resolutions and instructions to fax
  • Furthermore, use the HP Fax Test Service to test if the sending and receiving functionalities of the fax are successful
  • Check HP’s website for the test number where you can send faxes and get a test report within 5 to 7 minutes

Backup fax

  • Store all faxes into your printer’s memory depending upon the security and preferential requirements
  • From the control panel, go to Fax -> Setup -> Preferences -> Backup Fax Reception
  • Thereafter, choose On which is also the default mode to save all your incoming faxes
  • Reprint up to 30 recently received faxes backed up in the memory
  • The oldest fax is overwritten to accommodate the latest during low printer memories
  • Choose On Error Only to store faxes in the printer’s memory when there is an error that prevents smooth flow or printing of the received faxes
  • Finally, Choose Off if you do not wish to store any of the faxes in the printer’s memory

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